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Stefan Bonnici

I specialise in advanced freelance WordPress development such as tailor made WordPress plugins, custom unique websites and WordPress themes, API integrations, task automation solutions, advanced e-commerce websites, SaaS and more.

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Reviews about Stefan Bonnici

  • Stefan has a deep knowledge of the inner workings of WordPress, and is a very skilled developer, both within but also outside the WordPress world. He has a rare combination of technical and communicative skills, and coupled with dedication and respect for deadlines, he is a pleasure to work with. He is a good listener, and has good knowledge of the customer needs, and therefore taking a business approach of where the customer wants the business to go. That is creating results.

    Morten Husby
    TripX Travel AB

  • We have worked with Stefan Bonnici on various projects support and other tasks. His knowledge and experience in this field are quite extensive thus he proposes and executes the best way forward. Delivery is always on time and as discussed. He always sends prompt replies and detailed information. Very good service.

    Stephania Borg
    Localization and Operations Team Manager
    Betsson Group

  • We have worked with Stefan on a number of projects. He is very skilled, flexible, creative and the communication during the entire process was excellent. We will continue to work with him again and I would recommend Stefan to any others looking for a fast and professional service in digital environment. Keep it up!

    Kristians Zeics
    Social Media Manager
    The General Soft Drinks Company Co. Ltd

  • Working with Stefan is perfect for a project like ours! He understands our needs with very little introduction and delivers 95% of what we need in the first draft!

    Emil Nygaard
    Prisbyg ApS

  • At Unity Studios, we have worked with Stefan Bonnici on the development of a new company website. We are very satisfied with the result in terms of an easily manageable WordPress site. In the process of creating the website, Stefan was very reliable, he was quick to respond, and the communication, in general, was exceptional even though we were geographically dispersed. We highly recommend hiring Stefan as a freelance website developer, and we will continue to use his services.

    Kasper Erichsen
    Business Development
    Unity Studios ApS

  • What we wanted at Frontloop Media was a WordPress solution which was scalable, easily managed, and highly customisable. Stefan has been a reliable contact, very understanding of our business needs and delivered the solution in an organised, timely fashion. I recommend Stefan for your all your WordPress needs.

    Matthew Piscopo
    Chief Product Officer
    Frontloop Media

  • When we decided to create our club’s website, we contacted Stefan for advice and he was of great help both with professional and very useful tips, as well as with a few more complex elements we wanted to integrate into our site. Highly recommended to anyone needing any type of help with WordPress.

    Gabriel Rosario Zammit
    Art Director
    Juventus Club Malta Cuore Bianconero

  • We have worked with Stefan on several projects and he is absolutely brilliant! He is reliable, professional, always delivers on time, he always has recommendations and solutions that makes the final result even better than we’ve hoped for. I really don’t know what I would do without him. Highly recommended!

    Felix Weideryd
    Web Designer

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About me

I am Stefan Bonnici, a freelance WordPress websites developer based in Malta. I'm a full-stack developer and I have specialised full-time on the WordPress industry for the past 6 years. After 6 years of employment, during which I created websites mostly for the travel and gaming industries, I decided to pursue my ambition of becoming a freelance developer. It's been an incredible journey so far and I feel very lucky to have worked with various clients from different industries and different countries like Malta, Sweden, and Denmark.

During my time as an employed websites developer, I learned how difficult it is to bridge the gap between clients and websites developers. By being aware of this problem, I make myself flexible to suit the business needs of my clients. Each business is unique and has its priorities and requirements. That’s why I make sure that all of my clients get the tailor-made support and the attention they deserve. As a freelancer, I support businesses with their web development requirements by giving me the opportunity to outsource tasks to me. I help with one-time projects and I also get on board big projects which require frequent development from time to time. I strive to ensure perfect honest communication, whilst always being there to offer support and consultancy whenever clients need me.

Initially, my freelance days started with the development of simple websites. However, with time I switched focus to provide more advanced WordPress development. My target is to become the trusted go-to WordPress expert developer for my clients where I can consult, assist and support long-term projects with features and functionality that cannot be obtained with common plugins or off-the-shelf solutions.

Being a freelance developer, life is never boring. I am always ready for the next challenge. Get in touch to discuss your project.


WordPress themes and plugins

I can develop custom WordPress themes and plugins from scratch according to your requirements. A common scenario in the WordPress industry is where a client finds a WordPress theme or plugin from a marketplace like Themeforest which does 80% of the job. In that case, I can develop a child theme, plugin or custom post type to achieve 100% functionality. This custom development is what transforms a good website into a great website since it will give you that extra edge on your competitors.

Woocommerce customisation

Woocommerce is the number one E-commerce platform to create an online shop on WordPress for free. There are lots of possible extensions to it which make it very flexible. However, sometimes this is just not enough to suit your business model or deliver the idea which you have in mind. Thus, I can do the necessary tweaks and development that you require. For example, I can integrate new payment gateways, automatically sync products from another system, integrate custom tracking tools and more.

API integrations

Your WordPress website might require integration with other components like booking engines, payment gateways, reporting tools, email/SMS push notification services, analytics/tracking tools, external products inventory or other third party services. I can assist you with deciding to the best way forward, perform and test the API integration and also remain available for future maintenance. Apart from that, I can develop the necessary front-end if required, such as the search box and checkout flow for a booking engine. 

Task automation solutions

Are you spending too much time to do something manually? Maybe you're having to repetitively do something on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? You shouldn't have to frequently copy and paste stuff or spend hours in Excel. Talk to me and if possible I will be able to automate your task. Your one-time investment will save you precious time and will increase the efficiency of your business. I can create robot scripts that scrape websites, connect to APIs, perform calculations, send emails and more. 

WordPress consultancy

With over 5 years of experience working with WordPress, I can provide you with professional WordPress consultancy. You might want my thoughts on the ideal technical setup for your business. You may need my opinion about WordPress themes and plugins, or you may need hosting and server related advice. Sometimes you may be wondering if you should choose WordPress or another platform for your system. I am also available to assist you with random general queries regarding WordPress.

Not just WordPress!

Aside from WordPress, I am a PHP and C# .NET developer. I am fluent in front-end development stuff like HTML5, vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, LESS/SCSS, Grunt/Gulp, Bootstrap, Git and more. I am also familiar with MySQL, Elasticsearch, Laravel and React. I can assist you with responsive websites and mobile specific websites. Apart from that, I have experience with customising Shopify themes and Liquid templates. If in doubt, get in touch and I will let you more accordingly.

Hire me

How it works

The usual way of doing business starts by receiving your request via email. If there is a need to discuss more, we will schedule a Skype call or a phone call. Once I fully understand the task, I will send you my quotation that will indicate a list of what will I exactly deliver, the delivery date and a final price with no hidden costs. Once you give me the go-ahead, I will work on the task and deliver by the agreed deadline.


I will give you a cost before proceeding with your request. Once we properly define requirements, I will give you my final cost. If you eventually become a longterm recurring client, we can agree on an hourly rate so that your requests get processed more efficiently. I am registered as a self-employed person in Malta so 18% VAT will apply to Maltese companies. Companies in other EU states are exempt from VAT. I will always issue quotations and invoices in € (EUR).

Payment terms

A small deposit will be requested from first-time clients till business trust is established. I usually issue my invoices at the end of each month and I expect payment within 30 days. I accept payment via bank transfer, cheques or cash.

Business hours

My business hours are Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00 CET. This is not fixed and can change according to requirements, holidays and commitments.

Office and meetings

I work from my well-equipped home office in Fgura, Malta. I will be able to meet you at your office or a coffee shop somewhere. I will visit your office for a meeting but will not spend hours working from there. Since my time is precious and limited, I only accept to go out for a meeting when it's the last resort. I prefer emails, Skype, Slack or phone calls to clear out any queries and avoid travelling time. These practices are very efficient and worked extremely well since day 1 of my freelancing journey.


All communication between us will remain confidential and will not be shared with third parties. I have no problem signing a non-disclosure agreement as long as it's not too vague or too restrictive in a way that will legally forbid me to work with other clients. You will own the source code and I will give it all to you. I do not force you to include my name anywhere in the project... It’s totally up to you.

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