Few facts about me

I’m a freelance website developer based in Malta, Europe. I specialise in WordPress and websites development.

Quick description

So, something about me: I describe myself as a very positive person who does not give up easily. I put no limits on my skills and a search engine is my go-to genie. I owe much to my parents, my uncle and my girlfriend, without whom I wouldn’t have accomplished important milestones in my life. Thanks!

In my free time, when my beloved Manchester United aren’t playing, you’ll find me reading blogs and news sites, browsing reddit, watching TV shows, or dining out and having a good time.

The story so far

Born in 1991 on the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta. At age 5, I used a computer for the very first time. It ran Windows 95 and couldn’t do much, but the love for this industry was born. At age 13, I created my first website. It wasn’t great but it defined my career:

“I want to do websites when I grow up.”

Soon after finishing secondary school, I opted to apply at STC Training, Malta. The reason was that I wanted to immediately focus on programming and work experience. When I was 17 I got my first web developer job and by age 20, I had 2 diplomas, BSc (Hons) Internet Applications Development degree from Middlesex University and, more important, 3 years of working experience in the industry. After 6 years of employment, during which I created websites mostly for the travel and iGaming industries, I decided to pursue my ambition of becoming a freelance developer. Unlike many people, my target is not to be my own boss. For me, it’s vital to keep up-to-date with latest technologies and, since clients always come up with different challenges, my skill set will be continuously improving:

“My target is to become the reliable and trusted go-to technical person for my clients.”

During my time as an employed developer, I learned how difficult it is to bridge the gap between clients and developers. By being aware of this problem, I make myself flexible to suit the business needs of my clients. Each business is unique and has its own priorities and requirements. That’s why I make sure that all of my clients get the tailor-made support and attention they deserve.

As a freelance developer, life is never boring. I am always ready for the next challenge. I am always ready to learn the next thing, and I am eagerly awaiting your project.

Technical Specs

  • Connector.

    WordPress + PHP + C# ASP.NET

    WordPress themes & plugins development + setup, custom PHP/C# ASP.NET websites & mobile apps

  • Connector.

    Total websites development

    HTML5 + JavaScript + jQuery + CSS3 + LESS/SCSS + Grunt + Gulp + Bower + Bootstrap + Git

  • Connector.

    Mobile Apps

    Responsive mobile web apps + PhoneGap apps (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)