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Write me about your projects, ideas, questions and more. The more details you include, the better. I also recommend that you specify timeframes and budgets for your projects.

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My usual business hours are Monday – Friday 0900 – 1800 CET.

However, I’m flexible. I adjust my schedule to best fit the needs.

I don’t have an office where I receive clients. I will attend for meetings at your premises or desired location.
No, I won’t do that. As a freelance developer, I cannot ignore other clients. I will attend meetings when required but I won’t spend full days at your office.
For small projects lasting only a few days, I charge per hour basis. However, for larger projects or if you want something really fast, I can give a total cost quote.

Usually I require 40% of the total cost as deposit before I start the project. This can be lower in case of large projects.

I issue the invoice at the end of the month and I expect payment within 30 days of issue date. I accept payment via bank transfer, cheques or cash.

Yes, I am a Maltese self-employed business and registered for VAT.

Business is done in accordance to Maltese and EU regulations.

I do not disclose your information with other clients and people. I will be happy to sign any non-disclosure agreements and terms you provide.

You will have full intellectual rights on the project. I will give you all the source code.

I do not force you to add reference to me within the project in the footer, about etc. It’s totally up to you.