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I apply the magic to turn your dreams and ideas into fast, solid, and user-friendly websites.

Websites Specialist

With extensive experience in websites development and true passion for websites and technology, I am able to provide professional web design and development to clients in Malta, Sweden and more. I believe that the key to a successful website project is outstanding communication. It all starts with understanding what the client needs. Then I do my proposal and suggestions. Design and development will commence once both the client and I have a clear vision of the website project. Frequent updates are provided to keep everyone in the loop. Testing, minor amendments, and when everyone is happy, website goes live. No time wasting, no hidden fees, delivered on time.

Apart from website design and development, I also offer general web support such as server technical assistance or even planning an online marketing strategy for your business. To offer the complete package, I partnered up with experts in the fields of graphic design and SEO. Thus, I am able to assist you with any website related tasks you might have. I make it a point to reply to emails as quickly as possible so rest assured that you will not be ignored.

Below you can read more about services I offer or get in touch with your request and I will provide you with a no-obligation quote as quickly as possible.

Internet services I offer

Business Websites

Corporate/portfolio websites
iGaming web solutions
Company online blogs
Online strategy planning
Hosting and technical support
Mobile websites and native apps

Online Shops

Online eCommerce shops
WooCommerce integrations
Booking engines
API integrations
Promotions and competitions
Online marketing packages


Page setup & support
Shop integration to Facebook
Mini-games development
Daily task competitions
User interactive activities
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Responsive WordPress websites

What does it mean? The words responsive and WordPress are very common words with web designers and developers. Both words saw increased fame in the last couple of years. Here’s what they mean:

Responsive website

The term responsive website means that a website is designed and built to look great across all devices with a screen. A well-developed responsive website will look good and work well on that 50-inch tv in your living room and will still be lovely on the smartphone in your pocket. In the last decade we witnessed the rise of smartphones and tablets which enforced the requirement of responsive websites to the Internet. As my own principle, all websites I develop are responsive, this one included.


The term WordPress is the name of the world’s most popular and trusted CMS. A CMS (content management system) is an online system which allows you to login and easily generate/modify content on your website such as pages, pictures, blog posts, videos etc in a very user-friendly control panel.

Some good to know facts:

  • WordPress sites can be hosted on your own servers as well as on my servers or any other hosting providers around the world.
  • WordPress is backed by a large online community of users and developers.
  • WordPress receives frequent features and security updates, and also has tonnes of support in online forums, videos and printed books.
  • WordPress is built with SEO (search engine optimisation) in mind. It offers powerful features such as clean SEO friendly URLs.

The real power of WordPress lies within its customisation and extensibility options. As a developer, I can transform your designs into a WordPress theme which will incorporate a responsive website together with all the extra logic, features and modules you might require. For example, you might want a website with your brand colours which allows you to sell products online or start off writing a blog to highlight your company’s social events. If you already have a WordPress theme, I can create a WordPress plugin which adds that extra little functionality you desire.